1920 Monroe Bearcats Season

Record: 5-5
Points For: 175
Points Per Game: 17.5
Points Against: 176
Opponent Points Per Game: 17.6

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The 1920 season is one that stands out from other seasons in its time. Playing teams twice in one year isn’t strange for much of Bearcat history, but this season features two rematches against Snohomish and Marysville. It also doesn’t appear that the second string teams are behind the rematches so one can assume the team played ten games this season, almost twice as many games than was usually played during this era. The season itself was inconsistent for the Bearcats, sometimes looking like a solid team and other times being handily defeated by their foes. A victory that stands out is the 66-0 dismantling of Sultan, which stands as the largest margin of victory against the Turks in the long and storied rivalry between the schools.

GamesSchool Opponent Points ForPoints AgainstWin(s)Loss(es)StreakNotes
1MonroeatEverett VocationalW24010W 1 
2MonroevsSnohomishW13620W 2 
3MonroevsCoupevilleW32030W 3 
4MonroeatSnohomishL03831L 1 
5MonroevsSultanW66041W 1 
6MonroeatMarysvilleL03642L 1 
7MonroevsMarysvilleL142343L 2 
8MonroevsStanwoodL04544L 3 
9MonroeatEdmondsW26054W 1 
10MonroevsArlingtonL02855L 1