Records By Year

A year-by-year account of every season from 1911 to 2022. Select a particular season to view the schedule and outcome of every game that year. Please note that seasons that are listed with “Missing Score(s)” are incomplete. The first twenty years of Bearcat football were oftentimes poorly reported in local newspapers and no other primary sources are available.

202292.818Scott DarrowWESCO 3A South Champions
Qualifying Playoff Round-W
First Playoff Round-L
202164.600Scott DarrowWESCO 3A Conference Champions
WESCO 3A South Champions
Qualifying Playoff Round-L
202032.600Scott DarrowMoved to Spring 2021 due to COVID-19 pandemic
201964.600Michael BumpusQualifying Playoff Round-L
201846.400Michael BumpusQualifying Playoff Round-L
2017102.833Michael BumpusQualifying Playoff Round-W
First Playoff Round-W
Second Playoff Round-L
201692.818Michael BumpusQualifying Playoff Round-W
First Playoff Round-L
201573.700Michael BumpusQualifying Playoff Round-L
201473.700Brett JayQualifying Playoff Round-L
201346.400Dick AbramsQualifying Playoff Round-L
201246.400Dick AbramsWESCO 4A North Co-Champions
Qualifying Playoff Round-L
201164.600Dick AbramsQualifying Playoff Round-L
201037.300Dave Telford
.300Dave Telford
200828.200Dave Telford
2007010.000Steve Hannan
200655.500Steve Hannan
200546.400Steve Hannan
200419.100Andrew Haynie
200337.300Andrew Haynie
200209.000Andrew Haynie
200109.000Randy Olson
200027.222Randy Olson
199936.333Randy Olson
199863.666Randy Olson
199745.444Randy Olson
199636.333Randy Olson
199554.555Randy Olson
199427.222Randy Olson
199327.222Randy Olson
199264.600Randy Olson Qualfying Playoff Round-L
199173.700Randy Olson WESCO 3A Conference Champions
First Playoff Round-L
199073.700Kurt NowadnickFirst Playoff Round-L
198965.545Kurt Nowadnick Qualifying Playoff Round-W
First Playoff Round-L
198863.666Kurt Nowadnick
198774.636Kurt Nowadnick WESCO 2A Conference Co-Champions
Qualifying Playoff Round-W
First Playoff Round-L
198682.800Kurt Nowadnick First Playoff Round-L
198527.222Kurt Nowadnick
198436.333Kurt Nowadnick
198326.250Rollin Wilson
198209.000Rollin Wilson
198127.222Rollin Wilson
198027.222Rollin Wilson
197974.636Rollin Wilson
197837.300Rollin Wilson
197754.555Rollin Wilson
197637.300Ed Lucero
197519.100Ed Lucero
197482.800Ed Lucero
197382.800Ed Lucero
197237.300Ed Lucero
197119.100Ed Lucero
197072.777Dick LangumCascade A Conference Co-Champions
196972.777Dick Langum
196872.777Dick Langum
196754.555Dick Langum
196672.777Dick Langum
1965261.222Lewis Drew
1964252.222Lewis Drew
196371.875Steve Hanson
196263.666Steve Hanson
196154.555Steve Hanson
196045.444Jerry Ramey
1959171.111Jerry Ramey
195854.555Cliff Gillies
195764.600Cliff Gillies
1956711.777Cliff Gillies Tri-County League Champions
1955531.555Cliff Gillies
195454.555John Stahl
1953531.555John Stahl
195281.888John Stahl Tri-County League Co-Champions
195163.666John Stahl
1950521.625John Stahl
1949251.250“Morrie” Hahn
194854.555“Morrie” Hahn
1947711.777Jake Donnelly
1946431.500Jake Donnelly
1945432.444“Chip” Chatterson
194444.500“Chip” Chatterson
1943251.250J.H. Zile
1942161.125Bud Pripp
1941241.285Stan Bates
194062.750Stan Bates County Champions
1939331.428Stan Bates
193825.285Stan Bates
1937331.428Stan Bates
1936611.750Stan Bates
193525.285Stan Bates
1934511.714Stan Bates
1933412.571Manley Sackett
193223.400Manley Sackett
193134.428Manley Sackett
193053.625Ted BankheadMissing Score(s)
County Champions
192953.625Ted Bankhead
1928611.750Ward HollowayCo-County Champions
192751.833DeLoss RobertsonCounty Champions
1926601.857DeLoss RobertsonCounty Champions
192543.571Fred Halvarson
1924402.666E.V. CainMissing Score(s)
County Champions
192332.600Missing Score(s)
192237.428Missing Score(s)
192152.714J.H. Hallock
191913.250Missing Score(s)
191722.500Missing Score(s)
1916401.00A.W. HenryCounty Champions
1915411.666Missing Score(s)
191424.333No Coach
1913321.500E.G. RhodeCounty Champions
191232.600E.G. Rhode
191114.200Tom Bird