Interview with Coach Randy Olson

Randy Olson 1/4/2019

An oral interview with Coach Randy Olson who led the team from 1991 to 2002 and played on the team during the 1963 to 1965 as a quarterback. Coach Olson was the longest serving coach in team history as well as the coach with the most wins in his career. Randy was a pleasure to chat with and hear him talk about stories of old rivalries, his time at WSU, and what it was like to be a head coach during some formative years in team history.

0:49 Stories of old Monroe and football in the town.

6:45 Rivalries, playing for the Bearcats as a Quarterback, and how the game was played in the 60’s.

13:15 Attending WSU during the Vietnam War years, returning to Monroe as a coach, and the coaching dynamics of the past.

23:30 Becoming a head coach, the league transitions of the 1990’s, and college recruiting.

35:33 Monroe players who went on to play in college and retiring from coaching.

41:52 Closing thoughts and reflection