Interview with Dan Weaver

Dan Weaver 4/12/2019. Recorded via Skype call

An interview with Dan Weaver who was a sports editor and writer for various newspapers throughout the years. Dan played as an End for the Bearcats from 1961 to 1963 under Steve Hanson during a very successful era for the team. This conversation with Dan was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish as he spoke candidly and honestly about his life and experiences. We covered his stories of the team, how football prepared him for his service in Vietnam, life as a sports writer and other memories along the way.

0:20 Introduction and memories of the 1963 season

2:54 Stories of old Monroe and High School years

8:20 Recollections of playing on the varsity team and Coach Hanson

21:52 Going to Eastern Washington University, getting drafted and returning from Vietnam

31:22 Road to becoming a sports writer and tales of Michael Jordan and Jack Patera

48:08 Closing thoughts on Monroe and the value of playing football for later life