Interview with Coach Scott Darrow

“Coach Darrow poses with the biggest group of offensive linemen in Monroe history, 2017”
Photo courtesy of Scott Darrow
Scott Darrow 7/16/2019

An interview with Coach Scott Darrow, the Offensive Line coach and a teacher at Monroe High School. Coach Darrow has been coaching and teaching at Monroe since 2005, being a part of Bearcat football through lowly seasons in the 2000’s as well as the powerhouse teams in recent years. The conversation with Coach Darrow was lively and full of perspective gained from over a decade of coaching. As a big fan of Monroe football and a former student of his, this was one of my favorite interviews so far. He spoke about various head coaches, stories of the Lake Stevens rivalry, his famous pregame speeches, and what it means to be a teacher as well as a coach.

0:13 Introduction, being an O-Line coach, getting hired at MHS and working with Coach Hannan

5:10 Discussing different head coaches and the tough seasons of the 2000’s, difficulty getting more players, changing the mentality of the program

12:40 Talking about players on the Bearcats, reminiscing about the 2011 season, games against Eastlake and Lake Stevens in 2018

19:20 Rivalry with Lake Stevens, pregame traditions, and talking about being a coach and a teacher