1935 Monroe Bearcats Season

Record: 2-5
Coach: Stan Bates
Points For: 38
Points Per Game: 5.4
Points Against: 89
Opponent Points Per Game: 12.7

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After an excellent start to his coaching career at Monroe, Coach Bates and the Bearcats would struggle to follow up with another successful season in 1935. The loss of Lee Orr and others marked the year as it was clear their departures were deeply felt. Starting out by defeating Sultan, losing a close game to Marysville, and pulling out a victory against Stanwood, the 2-1 Bearcats seemed to be on track for another winning season. Despite the start, the Monroe offense completely fell apart and would fair to score again the rest of the year as the ‘Cats lost their last four games of the season.

GamesSchool Opponent Points ForPoints AgainstWin(s)Loss(es)StreakNotes
1MonroeatSultanW13010W 1 
2MonroevsMarysvilleL121311L 1 
3MonroevsStanwoodW131221W 1 
4MonroevsArlingtonL01322L 1 
5MonroeatSnohomishL02423L 2 
6MonroeatEdmondsL0324L 3 
7MonroeatEast StanwoodL02425L 4