“The Valley Classic”: A History of the Monroe-Sultan Rivalry

Monroe leads series, 40-13-2
Longest Monroe winning streak: 12 (1961 to 1974)
Longest Sultan winning streak: 2 (multiple streaks)
Largest margin of victory by Monroe: 66-0 (1920)
Largest margin of victory by Sultan: 28-0 (1942)

YearLocationSchoolOpponentScoreWins for MHSWins for SHSTiesStreak
1918Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan30-01001 MHS
1920Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan66-02002 MHS
1921Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan34-63003 MHS
1922Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan24-74004 MHS
1923Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan3-04101 SHS
1924Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan45-05101 MHS
1925Sultan, WAMonroe atSultan16-106102 MHS
1926Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan27-07103 MHS
1929Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan13-28104 MHS
1932Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan7-08201 SHS
1933Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan21-09201 MHS
1934Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan28-010202 MHS
1935Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan13-011203 MHS
1936Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan7-012204 MHS
1937Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan0-012211 Tie
1937Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan20-01321MHS 1
1938Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan18-01421MHS 2
1939Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan25-01521MHS 3
1940Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan20-01621MHS 4
1941Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan0-016221 Tie
1942Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan28-01632SHS 1
1943Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan26-71642SHS 2
1944Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan32-181742MHS 1
1945Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan13-71752SHS 1
1946Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan12-71852MHS 1
1947Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan21-01952MHS 2
1948Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan14-01962SHS 1
1949Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan13-02062MHS 1
1950Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan13-122162MHS 2
1951Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan33-62172SHS 1
1952Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan20-02182SHS 2
1953Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan35-62282MHS 1
1954Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan20-02382MHS 2
1955Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan7-02392SHS 1
1956Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan51-62492MHS 1
1957Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan52-132592MHS 2
1958Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan32-132692MHS 3
1959Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan13-02792MHS 4
1960Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan27-1327102SHS 1
1961Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan27-1328102MHS 1
1962Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan30-029102MHS 2
1963Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan26-030102MHS 3
1964Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan33-031102MHS 4
1965Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan33-032102MHS 5
1966Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan39-033102MHS 6
1967Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan14-634102MHS 7
1968Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan27-735102MHS 8
1969Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan34-636102MHS 9
1970Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan28-637102MHS 10
1973Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan12-638102MHS 11
1974Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan20-839102MHS 12
1975Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan13-639112SHS 1
1976Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan20-839122SHS 2
1977Sultan, WAMonroeatSultan15-840122MHS 1
1978Monroe, WAMonroevsSultan18-1240132SHS 1

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