1924 Monroe Bearcats Season

Record: 4-0-2
Coach: E.V. Cain
Points For: ~84
Points Per Game: ~14
Points Against: ~24
Opponent Points Per Game: ~4

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Although not completely researched, Coach Cain and the Bearcats turned out and excellent season in 1924. The year began with a victory against Index before taking on Granite Falls at home. The game was not reported, no scores nor even the outcome is known from the local newspaper. Nevertheless, the Bearcats followed it up with a 45-0 rout of Sultan before taking on a powerful Marysville squad in an away game. The ‘Cats managed a tie, a respectable feat against a perennial powerhouse. Monroe followed up the tie with another one against Edmonds but then traveled to Stanwood and came away with another victory. Although a rivalry game loomed with Lake Stevens, the season ended on an uneventful note as the Vikings forfeited the game. Despite missing out on the match, the Bearcats were more than compensated as they took home the county title for the season.

GamesSchool Opponent Points ForPoints AgainstWin(s)Loss(es)Tie(s)StreakNotes
1MonroevsIndexW1912100W 1 
2MonroevsGranite Falls        
3MonroevsSultanW450200W 2 
4MonroeatMarysvilleT00201T 1 
5MonroevsEdmondsT00202T 2 
6MonroeatStanwoodW2012302W 1 
7MonroeatLake StevensW10402W 2Forfeited by Lake Stevens