1966 Monroe Bearcats Season

Record: 7-2
Coach: Dick Langum
Points For: 211
Points Per Game: 23.4
Points Against: 74
Opponent Points Per Game: 8.2

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After two lowly seasons, the newly appointed Coach Langum and the Bearcats had a highly successful campaign in 1966. The season didn’t start off in the right foot as the Bearcats lost a close 6-0 matchup against Lynden but regrouped to win the next three games. The ’66 ‘Cats terrorized their foes with a powerful offensive unit that was backed by a similarly effective defense. Standing at 3-1, the Bearcats matched up against their old rival Lake Stevens in a game that had massive implications in the conference race. Unfortunately for the Bearcats, the Vikings won the day by a score of 26-7 and would go on to win the conference title that season. Nevertheless, the Bearcats still played solid football the rest of the year, putting on an offensive and defensive clinic to close out the season. In their last four games, the ‘Cats outscored their opponents 129 to 14. Even after losing a shot at a title, a 7-2 record was still a good start to Coach Langum’s tenure and was an indication of things to come.

GamesSchool Opponent Points ForPoints AgainstWin(s)Loss(es)StreakNotes
1MonroevsLyndenL0601L 1 
2MonroeatNooksackW18811W 1 
3MonroevsKing’s GardenW27721W 2 
4MonroeatLangleyW301331W 3 
5MonroevsLake StevensL72632L 1 
6MonroeatToltW31042W 1 
7MonroevsConcreteW26752W 2 
8MonroeatStanwoodW33762W 3 
9MonroeatSultanW39072W 4