1967 Monroe Bearcats Season

Record: 5-4
Coach: Dick Langum
Points For: 106
Points Per Game: 11.7
Points Against: 115
Opponent Points Per Game: 12.7

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After starting with a 7-2 season, Coach Langum and the Bearcats took a step backwards in 1967. While the ‘Cats still flashed moments of brilliance during the year, they were plagued by inconsistency for much of the season. The offense and defense alternated between being effective one game to being absent in others. Because of this, the team couldn’t build a decent winning streak and finished with a mediocre 5-4 record. While a less than stellar year, the ‘Cats still looked capable of holding their own and would return to being a potent squad in the coming years.

GamesSchool Opponent Points ForPoints AgainstWin(s)Loss(es)StreakNotes
1MonroeatLyndenL0601L 1 
2MonroevsNooksackW26011W 1 
3MonroeatKing’s GardenW14021W 2 
4MonroevsLangleyL63122L 1 
5MonroeatLake StevensL62023L 2 
6MonroevsToltW191833W 1 
7MonroeatConcreteW14743W 2 
8MonroevsStanwoodL72744L 1 
9MonroevsSultanW14654W 1