1975 Monroe Bearcats Season

Record: 1-9
Coach: Ed Lucero
Points For: 57
Points Per Game: 5.7
Points Against: 181
Opponent Points Per Game: 18.1

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After back to back eight win season, the 1975 Bearcats regressed greatly and recorded a 1-9 record. The defense kept some games close but other games were blowout losses. The offense was inept for most of the season and failed to score in the final four games of the season. Usually a surefire win, the ‘Cats dropped the opening game of the season to Sultan and only recorded a win against a team from Canada, North Delta.

GamesSchool Opponent Points ForPoints AgainstWin(s)Loss(es)StreakNotes
1MonroeatSultanL61301L 1 
2MonroeatMount SiL132002L 2 
3MonroevsO’DeaL01403L 3 
4MonroevsNorth DeltaW26613W 1 
5MonroeatLake StevensL61214L 1 
6MonroevsArlingtonL63415L 2 
7MonroevsBainbridgeL02816L 3 
8MonroeatStanwoodL01217L 4 
9MonroeatMarysville-PilchuckL03618L 5 
10MonroevsSedro-WoolleyL0619L 6