1980 Monroe Bearcats Season

Record: 2-7
Coach: Rollin Wilson
Points For: 83
Points Per Game: 9.2
Points Against: 230
Opponent Points Per Game: 25.5

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Despite having a strong season in 1979, the 1980 Bearcats regressed greatly and finished with meager 2-7 record. Whatever optimism that might have been had following the previous year vanished as Monroe dropped its first five games of the season. The offense and defense, which had both been capable a season before, both collapsed as the ‘Cats were decisively defeated throughout the year. Wins against Lincoln and Stanwood were the only victories in an otherwise dismal season.

GamesSchool Opponent Points ForPoints AgainstWin(s)Loss(es)StreakNotes
1MonroeatArlingtonL02601L 1 
2MonroevsAnacortesL143502L 2 
3MonroevsLake StevensL142003L 3 
4MonroeatBurlington-EdisonL64304L 4 
5MonroevsBellinghamL02605L 5 
6MonroeatLincolnW231615W 1 
7MonroeatFerndaleL04216L 1 
8MonroevsStanwoodW20025W 1 
9MonroeatLake StevensL62227L 1